Top Issues

While many specific CincyPAC issues depend upon the topics most important to our members, several main items remain among our core values:

  • Access to economic prosperity: Cincinnati should be synonymous for access to economic uplift and opportunity. Cincinnati should be a breeding ground for entrepreneurs, small businesses and job training opportunities. There should be training programs and tax incentives for people to set up small businesses in Cincinnati. We should also look into replicating the LilyPad initiative throughout the city. We have the model, we need not look to reinvent the wheel, we need to support what’s already there.
  • Adequate Public Transportation: Cincinnati needs a street car and it should connect downtown and uptown in the first phase. We also need to revamp Metro Bus routes, clearly label routes and schedules at major stops, and ensure that SORTA and TANK work together seamlessly.
  • Health and Environmental Sustainability: Cincinnati is and should be even more aggressively pursuing a position as a leader in the area of environmental sustainability. We need more solar panels and we need to ensure that everyone is doing their part to save our environment. We also need to be serious about ensuring that our gateways and major roads should be bordered by beautiful, clean, green. As population gets more dense, the importance of well manicured, inviting parks and greenspace increases.
  • Adequate Funding and Programming for Entertainment Venues, the Arts and Historic Landmarks: There should be no shortage of opportunities to see popular entertainers in a variety of venues. There should be no shortage of venues that are fresh and thriving. There should be places to go in Cincinnati that represent all genres of music and entertainment — public transportation and cabs should be readily available to take people to and from. Its vital that the Banks include a variety of restaurants and social facilities, as well as the creation and upkeep of multiple entertainment districts.  Additionally, Cincinnati has great arts and has no shortage of major arts institutions. There needs to be some type of sustainable model to support the smaller arts groups in the city, as well as a fund and group dedicated to ensuring diverse and top notch programming that will expand the arts institution patron base. There also needs to be a better model for marketing the arts and getting “butts in seats.”
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness:  This core value has recently been added to the CincyPAC charter and will soon have more detailed initiatives included.  More information will be coming soon…

To learn more about our issues or to get involved, please contact Candace Klein.