Success! Greg Harris appointed to Cincinnati City Council – 6 of 7 Endorsed Candidates in Office

The wait is over for those anxious to hear who will replace John Cranley’s vacated seat on City Council. Fellow westsider and CincyPAC endorsee, Greg Harris, will fill Cranley’s spot on council as determined by existing Council Democrats.

The appointment benefits all Cincinnatians as a very pro-streetcar Harris will replace one of the two opposition votes (Cranley, Monzel) to the streetcar proposal on council. Like CincyPAC members (per last year’s poll), Harris feels that streetcars offer incredible return on investment, and represent Cincinnati’s shot to generate hundreds of millions in new revenue. He plans to take this bold step to grow our prosperity as a city and region. He stated, “Ultimately, we have to determine what kind of future we want for our city. Do we want to be a ‘Can Do’ city that leverages and inter-connects its tremendous assets? Do we want to be a green city that attracts and retains talent? The economic and environmental dividend of streetcars would help us realize this vision.”

CincyPAC and Cincinnati is off to a great start for 2009!